English Language is a Must in the competitive world

The world today has become a universal village with English as the common language. Therefore it is necessary that in the competitive world particularly the younger generation should be conversant with it.
It is unfortunate that since gaining Independence successive governments as a vote catching devise, promised to give pride of place to the Sinhala language. But in actual fact it led to the deterioration of the English language.
It is an urgent neccessity to stimulate school children to equip themselves with competent bilingual eapacity throgh a wellplanned school curriculum. More english complementary readers should be prescribed in order to introduce a wider vocabulary and constant practice of grammar to our youngsters. Gaining a full knowlege of and skill in spelling and pronunciation should be made a must too.


One response to “English Language is a Must in the competitive world

  1. Hi

    It’s Mandarin, Spanish and then English.

    As a ex-colony we falsely believe that proficiency in the English language will set us free. It doesn’t, it wont. French, German, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin will really open many doors for you globally – no longer English.


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