The first Rhinoceros made their appearance on earth fifty million years ago. They were smaller than the onces we find today. They were rather like horses. They are plants.
Many different forms of rhino eventuall evolved. But only five species seem to have survived the passage of time. The smallest of all these species is the Sumatran. Many such other species still live in the jungle of southeast Asia.
The Indian, African and Japanese rhinos are under threat from two sources. First is the habitat destruction. And the second is the constant threat from poaches.
The breeding pattern of these rhinos cannot keep up with the above mentioned threats too. Indian rhino mothers, for example, bear only a single baby at a time.



All people and animals want water to Existance. Water is use for Various ideas by people. We use water for drink, bathing and washing. Even some engines and factories wont water. Every trees want water grow and people use water to their clutivations.
Our mothers use water to cooks rice vegetables, fish and meat. That is to say. That we cann’t do anything with water. In the driver Zone areas people ased to pray gods to give them. Water help us to paddclativasans.


Kataragama is a popular pilgri mage site in Sri Lanka. People of all walks of life throng to Kataragama. The festival in August draws thousands of pilgrims to witness the ritual performances of the devotees. Some daance with skewers thrust through their tongues and cheeks.

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Sri Lanka Farmer

Sri Lankan farmer is a simple villager. He can’t read books or write letters. But he knows his job very well. He knows about the climate. A bove all he knows how to get good crops fome his fels. Farmer’s work is diffent at diffent time of the year. In the rainy season. He prepars his pels and sow fade. During the next month. He weed plant and remove the worms and insects that eat the pad flant.


Very often we hear of floods. Rivers and canals become full when it rains and the water overflows. Rivers banks cannot contain the water and water overflows as floods. I have seen a floods.
Floods sometimes cause damaage to houses property field and gardens. Sometimes a floods can kill people and animals. We hear of floods which are dastructive. We have minor floods in our country. Water flows through our gardens and houses. Sometimes it is difficult to get drinking water when there is a flood. We cannot go to work when roads are under water. A flood is an interesting incident for the small children.

The postman

The postman has a very responsible job to do. He brings letters and small parcels to our door. A Letter from a relative or a friend is very important to us. An official letter is even more important because very often it contains a special message.
If the postman is not careful enough he may lose a letter. But our postman are very duty conscious and they do their duty quite well.
They come to our door, and deliver the mail. The services of the postman is very essential.

My favourite toy

My favorite toy is a teddy bear. It’s name is Ted. My father gave it on my tenth birthday.
Ted is brown and white color. It has a shiny chain around its neck.
It is operated by a battery. It can walk and sit down. I like to play with Ted.
I keep my Ted in my baby cupboard.
I love my little Ted very much.