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A meatless diet

The domestication and slaughter of animals for food was considered one of man’s great achievements. But in recent years the meatless way of life has surged in popularity.
The death rate from heart disease was found highest in countries where the most animal products were consumed. Persons eating animal protein were found having higer levels of cholesterol in their blood than those fed a diet containing vegetable protein.
Researches suggest than the same kind of high animal fat and cholesterol diet that may set the stage for heart disease may also contribute to the growth of cancers. But a variety of vegetable fooda can stimulate the production of anti-cancer enzymes in the body.


The internet web

There is hardly a child in Sri Lanka who has not heard of the internet web. Radio and TV programmes operating here have done much to popularise it across the country.
The origins of the internet web have been militery. In fact the internet was developed during the cold war period.
The uses of the internet today are many. E-mail or Electronic mail is the most useful thing about the Internet. E-mail enables us to communicate easily with friends, relatives and collegues abrosd. It takes one short telephone call to the provider in the morning to receive mail.
For a family with a computer and telephone line, the additional cost for E-mail facility is trivial. E-mail services are being available forRs.250 a month approximately.


Walking like swimming, bicycling and running is a good exercise. It builds the capacity of energy output and physical endurance by increasing the supply of oxygen to skin and muscles, such exercise may be a primary factor in the prevention of heart and cirucula tory disease.
Walking is the least strenuous and safest exercise. A great number of people indulge in the exercise. Walking at comfortable speed improves the efficiency of heart and lungs.
There is evidence that walking may actually open up narrowed areas in the coronary blood vessels. This lessens chance of a heart attack. Walking also offers added help by decreasing the abnormally high levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the blood.
The less active you are, the faster the ageing process accelerates, and more vulnerable you become to physical and psychological problems.Walking eliminates this.

English Language is a Must in the competitive world

The world today has become a universal village with English as the common language. Therefore it is necessary that in the competitive world particularly the younger generation should be conversant with it.
It is unfortunate that since gaining Independence successive governments as a vote catching devise, promised to give pride of place to the Sinhala language. But in actual fact it led to the deterioration of the English language.
It is an urgent neccessity to stimulate school children to equip themselves with competent bilingual eapacity throgh a wellplanned school curriculum. More english complementary readers should be prescribed in order to introduce a wider vocabulary and constant practice of grammar to our youngsters. Gaining a full knowlege of and skill in spelling and pronunciation should be made a must too.


The green belli fruit with a hard shell that turns yellow when ripe, is common place in Sri Lanka. It has been used by people over centuries for keeping healthy and well. However, the belli fruit is often overlooked by a generation dependent on westrern prescriptions to stay healthy.
Ayurvedic physicians advise the planting of a belli tree or trees in every home garden. The leaves of a belli tree are so rich in chlorophyll. They absorb foul gases and enrich the air you breathe.
All parts of the belli tree possess medicinal qualities. The flowers are boiled and the liquid is drunk everyday for over a period of weeks it imports a good complextion.
Belli is the only fruit when ripe will again turn green with the arrival of the rainy season. it is like an old person becoming young again, according to Ayurvedic literature.


The first Rhinoceros made their appearance on earth fifty million years ago. They were smaller than the onces we find today. They were rather like horses. They are plants.
Many different forms of rhino eventuall evolved. But only five species seem to have survived the passage of time. The smallest of all these species is the Sumatran. Many such other species still live in the jungle of southeast Asia.
The Indian, African and Japanese rhinos are under threat from two sources. First is the habitat destruction. And the second is the constant threat from poaches.
The breeding pattern of these rhinos cannot keep up with the above mentioned threats too. Indian rhino mothers, for example, bear only a single baby at a time.


All people and animals want water to Existance. Water is use for Various ideas by people. We use water for drink, bathing and washing. Even some engines and factories wont water. Every trees want water grow and people use water to their clutivations.
Our mothers use water to cooks rice vegetables, fish and meat. That is to say. That we cann’t do anything with water. In the driver Zone areas people ased to pray gods to give them. Water help us to paddclativasans.