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World children’s day

Today is the world children’s day. We are happy to see a seperate day by name of us.
But over right have been arrised from our birth. Most of people all talk about on the revelant topic only today.
Sri Lankan government also has faken necessory steps in order to protect our rights at our homes and violating our rights at our homes and schools by our own ones.
In this post we are reluctantto to beg thet protect our rights.We emphasis that leave them.



The green belli fruit with a hard shell that turns yellow when ripe, is common place in Sri Lanka. It has been used by people over centuries for keeping healthy and well. However, the belli fruit is often overlooked by a generation dependent on westrern prescriptions to stay healthy.
Ayurvedic physicians advise the planting of a belli tree or trees in every home garden. The leaves of a belli tree are so rich in chlorophyll. They absorb foul gases and enrich the air you breathe.
All parts of the belli tree possess medicinal qualities. The flowers are boiled and the liquid is drunk everyday for over a period of weeks it imports a good complextion.
Belli is the only fruit when ripe will again turn green with the arrival of the rainy season. it is like an old person becoming young again, according to Ayurvedic literature.


The first Rhinoceros made their appearance on earth fifty million years ago. They were smaller than the onces we find today. They were rather like horses. They are plants.
Many different forms of rhino eventuall evolved. But only five species seem to have survived the passage of time. The smallest of all these species is the Sumatran. Many such other species still live in the jungle of southeast Asia.
The Indian, African and Japanese rhinos are under threat from two sources. First is the habitat destruction. And the second is the constant threat from poaches.
The breeding pattern of these rhinos cannot keep up with the above mentioned threats too. Indian rhino mothers, for example, bear only a single baby at a time.

My small sister

My small sister is still a baby. She drinks milks and fruit juice. She is very pretty. I love her very much. She is playful too. She can speak a few words.
All of us love her because she is loving and charming. My father bring biscuits and toys for her. We look after her when mother is away. We can play with her when she grows up.

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My grandfather

My grandfather is very old. He is eighty five. His hair is write as snow. He has no teeth. He has a walking stick.He can notwalk fast.
He does not take his dinner. But he likes to drink milk. His name is Abraham . He is tall and thin. He is a very kind man. We all love our grandfather a lot.

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A carpenter

A carpenter works in a work shop. He works hart. He uses a saw, a hammer and other machines to do his work. He makes nice purniture and makes carvings in them. A carpenter earns a lot of money . He is an essen tial worker to the people.

A jeweller

A jeweller works with gold,silver and precius stones. Some times jeweller repair watches too. They very clever craftman. They can design jeewllery in many patterns. Peaple like to select new patterns for their jewellery.