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The green belli fruit with a hard shell that turns yellow when ripe, is common place in Sri Lanka. It has been used by people over centuries for keeping healthy and well. However, the belli fruit is often overlooked by a generation dependent on westrern prescriptions to stay healthy.
Ayurvedic physicians advise the planting of a belli tree or trees in every home garden. The leaves of a belli tree are so rich in chlorophyll. They absorb foul gases and enrich the air you breathe.
All parts of the belli tree possess medicinal qualities. The flowers are boiled and the liquid is drunk everyday for over a period of weeks it imports a good complextion.
Belli is the only fruit when ripe will again turn green with the arrival of the rainy season. it is like an old person becoming young again, according to Ayurvedic literature.


The butterfly

The butterfly is a small insect which is able to fly. It has two beautiful wings. It files from flower to flower in search of food. It drinks nectar from flowers.
There many kinds of kinds of butterfiles. They are of various colours and size. It is a pleasure to which them. They add beauty to our surroundings. There are many interesting stories and tales about butterfilees are harmless. These fore we should not kill them or catch them for pleasure.