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World children’s day

Today is the world children’s day. We are happy to see a seperate day by name of us.
But over right have been arrised from our birth. Most of people all talk about on the revelant topic only today.
Sri Lankan government also has faken necessory steps in order to protect our rights at our homes and violating our rights at our homes and schools by our own ones.
In this post we are reluctantto to beg thet protect our rights.We emphasis that leave them.



Walking like swimming, bicycling and running is a good exercise. It builds the capacity of energy output and physical endurance by increasing the supply of oxygen to skin and muscles, such exercise may be a primary factor in the prevention of heart and cirucula tory disease.
Walking is the least strenuous and safest exercise. A great number of people indulge in the exercise. Walking at comfortable speed improves the efficiency of heart and lungs.
There is evidence that walking may actually open up narrowed areas in the coronary blood vessels. This lessens chance of a heart attack. Walking also offers added help by decreasing the abnormally high levels of carbon monoxide and nicotine in the blood.
The less active you are, the faster the ageing process accelerates, and more vulnerable you become to physical and psychological problems.Walking eliminates this.

The postman

The postman has a very responsible job to do. He brings letters and small parcels to our door. A Letter from a relative or a friend is very important to us. An official letter is even more important because very often it contains a special message.
If the postman is not careful enough he may lose a letter. But our postman are very duty conscious and they do their duty quite well.
They come to our door, and deliver the mail. The services of the postman is very essential.

Wild animals

There are many wild animals in forests. The tiher, the wolf, the elephant, the bear, the deer and the wild buffalo are few of them. Some of them eats leaves and some eat the flesh of other small animals.
we can see these animals at the zoo. They are kept in caages. Therefore they cannot harm us. The animals add beauty to the forests. They live happily when they are in forests. We must be careful when we enter the forests.